The Hottest Beauties coming from the Coldest North!

Straight from Northern Europe, from the top of the world, comes a group of the most exotic Scandinavian Babes®. The extreme conditions of the North have shaped these Scandinavian beauties. Their bodies sculpted to the perfection by the ice and the wind. They are driven by the burning desire; destined to entertain and satisfy audiences around the world.


The Scandinavian Babes represents the absolute top of their field, consisting of the leading female dancers in their field. The Scandinavian Babes are all highly talented and experienced dancers with a history in competing and performing on international level in ballroom dancing.

The Scandinavian Babes is an exclusive production of UNIQ Entertainment Ltd and a continuation for their highly successful and conspicuous
Scandinavian Hunks® production.

The Scandinavian Babes consists of ten extraordinary professional ballroom dancers, each of which has strong merits from international competitions,
thus being the absolute top of their field.

The group is very well known and under the constant watch of the public eye. Therefore, the image and the look of this brand is carefully considered, built and protected.

The Scandinavian Babes show represents the international top of its genre – each performance is directed and rehearsed according to refined choreographs
– the choreographers also being the top of their field. The show is produced with a strong professional vision. Sophisticated costumes and impressive stage props
please the eye and escort the beautiful dancers into their eventful show themes. The show is always supported by separately produced audiovisual production
including impressive screens and video projectors though which show’s plot and common thread is passed on to the audience.

All this together guarantees that the audience will time and again experience a show that can’t be matched; that will stay in their hearts and minds for a long time.


Scandinavian-Babes-Poster-LR 400