Make Your Company’s Event Memorable

Whether you need to organize a recreational day for your employees or a little Christmas party, launch a new product, arrange a trade fare, or anything in between, it is worth doing it with care and – most of all – in a way that everyone will remember.

Boring slide shows and long speeches are yesterday, a memorable experience is today! Invest in the rights ways to stand out and make your event an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Company Events Since 2001

We have created company events already since 2001 and always customize our show to fit the client’s demands and wishes perfectly. As our clients, we have small, medium-sized as well as the biggest companies, trade fares, various events, fashion shows, festivals, shopping malls, etc.

The Scandinavian Babes® adapts easily to different kinds of occasions, whether it is a day or an evening event, or a more energetic company party.


Other Than men in Your Audience?

No worries, we also produce the Scandinavian Hunks® show consisting of male dancers who represent the absolute top of their field. Both Hunks and Babes shows include impressive screen productions projected on the screen behind the live show. We have years of experience in constructing shows and events. For almost two decades now, we have successfully produced various corporate events, shows on international cruisers as well as in some of the biggest casinos in Europe.

Scandinavian Hunks and Scandinavian Babes shows can be ordered mixed together or separately.


In addition, we can arrange the presenters, promoters, the necessary technique, lighting, sound system, etc. In other words, we can make a turnkey show for you, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on other more important things.

If you wish your event to be an unforgettable experience, do not hesitate to contact us. We are gladly at your service. Visit the Scandinavian Babes website, call or make an order / request for offer with the link below. We would gladly hear more about your company and its wishes. With pleasure, we will tailor an unforgettable show for you!









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